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Vinyl Warehouse was founded in 2011 to provide end users with an easy to apply, cost effective way of refurbishing and upcycling bland tired furniture in both the home and office.  Our adhesive range of product has grown to be one of the most comprehensive you’ll find under one roof, and, at the time of writing, our current stock would stretch from London to Edinburgh - now that would be a colourful sight from space!

We pride ourselves on supplying top quality branded products from both Germany and the UK, products we have used since day one.  Partnering with d-c-fix® as UK authorised distributors  in 2018 has provided us with further knowledge, a huge portfolio of products and resources.  This ensures you, the user, has everything they need create the perfect finish whilst using the correct material on their projects.

Our vinyls can be found almost everywhere, you just need to look.  From your neighbours kitchen and your office windows, through to mainstream TV shows across all channels.  Pay close attention to the next big film, that marble bathroom wall, the opaque windows in a pub or the concrete panels cladding the underground base of the villain… Whether you a keen DIYer, business or film set, we’re here to help you.

Being an online business, we know how important it is to ensure customer service is paramount.  So, if you need some advise, help or simply want to say hello, you’ll be met with a knowledgeable member of staff rather than an endless list of options from an automated telephone or online system - you know the ones ;)


Meet the Vinyl Warehouse Team​

 Jeff Operations Director
Jeff joined the company in 2013 as a partner to generate growth and streamline distribution.  With many, many years as the head of operations in one of Europe's largest distributors of games he knows how to get something to you fast and more importantly, in one piece!


Stuart | Managing Director
Founder of Vinyl Warehouse in 2010. Stuart has over 25 years in the signage industry 
using the materials we now sell. He knows his stuff, so you can be sure that if it’s on our website it has past a pretty stringent quality control.

Favourite material:  Flagstaff Oak
"Part of our latest range of designs, realistic, modern and super easy to apply"


Megan | Assistant Manager
Now in her sixth year here at Vinyl Warehouse Megan has proven a great asset who is both thorough and knowledgeable in our products.

Favourite material:  Romeo Marble & Trendyline Linas
"I really love these two designs, really nice patterns and colours"


Sarah | Showroom Assistant
Friendly, a little crazy, super efficient and loves playing around with offcuts of vinyl! Sarah is an extremely valued member of staff who also happens to make a lovely cuppa ;)

Favourite material:  Rose Pink Glitter
"It's seriously sparkly and girly"


Alison | Accounts/Credit Control
Both Alison and Stuart share the responsibilities of everyday accounting :)
They can be contacted via email at


Rebecca | Social Media Expert
Rebecca runs our social media platforms and helps show you, our customers, what can be achieved using our materials as well as keeping everyone informed of new designs and offers.  Don't forget to send your before and after pictures with a little description  so we can share with 'The World'.

Ian | Advertising & Marketing

Armed with a budget straight out of Stuart and Jeff's biscuit fund Ian is tasked with ensuring we can be found out there on the good old world wide web and has proven indispensable over the last couple years. 

Dominic | IT & Site Management 

Dominic works closely with Stuart to bring you a intuitive, comprehensive and most importantly, secure website. Check out their latest creation, our Kitchen Visualiser. Seen something not quite right?  Then please do let us know so we can rectify it.