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'...Vinyl Warehouse provided excellent customer service and was willing to make
the extra effort to deliver to my very tight deadline and the quality was excellent...'

- Roanne, Production Assistant, Tate Modern

' Something happened with delivery, Jeff dealt with it excellently will buy again '
- ebay buyer
' Ratings of professionalism:
62.5% extremely professional
37.5% very professional
That is 100% of customers rate us as very-extremly professional '

- Survey Monkey Stats - Jan 2015
'I just thought that I would write to tell you how very pleased I was with your Rusty Brown Metallic Vinyl.  I had bought the first roll some months ago to cover my old damaged work surface areas around the sink in my rented house and it looked fabulous, especially having the metallic sheen.  I was a little worried that it would look 'dark' but it really enhances my kitchen.  Also I was anxious to know how it would 'wear' and it still looks brilliant.  I bought some more recently to cover an unsightly table and cupboard top (even the top of an old cooker which I don't use any more but which has to stay there).  Also I didn't seem to have the problem of it all sticking to itself which I have encountered before with very cheap vinyl.  
In addition, your delivery was so quick!
I have had enormous trouble with some online companies recently and it is nice to be able to praise a company who puts the customer first.  Well done!'

- Irene Ransom – September 2014
'I have ordered from a few times now,
and the orders look exactly as pictured.'

- Survey Monkey – April 2015
 'Received today as promised thank you, the vinyl is gorgeous, love, love love it. 
In the words of Arnold il be back :) '

- J.J. - December 14